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The second Thursday of each month, Mount Pisgah Church in Greensboro(across from Lowes on Battleground) holds a Parkinson’s Disease Support Group led by Keith Cutler (also a Red Cross Volunteer). The support meeting begins at 1:30.

During the meeting, approximately 25 people, male and female ages 50-75 sat comfortably in circular form. For this particular meeting, Lynne Goodwin, a jazz singer was performing while accompanied by a guitarist named John. Keith tries to engage the group in different types of therapy. Art therapy was introduced to the group as well.

Some comments regarding Parkinson’s diseases were:

  • Could be genetic
  • Display tremors
  • Could occur after being exposed to pesticides and herbicides
  • No cure
  • Neurological disease
  • The loss of a particular chemical in the brain responsible for telling muscles to move
  • Loss of balance
  • Movement disorder
  • Some people who have Parkinson’s Disease later develop Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease is not fatal
  • Parkinson’s Disease medication leaves patients craving sex and chocolate and increased tiredness
  • Medication, exercise, yoga, and dancing helps slow the disease and patients retain better balance
  • Feeling of a thick tongue
  • Difficulty speaking certain words
  • Softer voice
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills (buttoning and zipping clothes)
  • Usually those 50-60 are diagnosed (Michael J. Fox was diagnosed at the age of 29)
  • There is no test to diagnose Parkinson’s Disease, it is pure observation

Keith and Brian explained how exercise is so important to slow the effects of this disease. They also kept a bowl of chocolates for support group members to satisfy the craving for chocolate. I still don’t believe the sex cravings and think they were just pulling my leg:)

For more information regarding this support group, please contact Keith at 336.282.3024.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Peace Love and Hugs


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