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Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal is the first publication dealing with human interest stories.

What is a human interest story-Human interest journalism involves stories that people can relate to. Unlike in straight journalism, where it is hoped that journalists will remain objective, human interest stories may be more flexibly written. Sometimes details of a human interest story are so intense, that the journalist hardly needs to insert any editorial information.

Much of the local news is focused on presenting us with facts and statistics, which may admittedly get a little boring unless you have a keen interest in the subject. A human interest story is a feature story that discusses a person or people in an interactive and/or emotional way. It presents people and their problems, concerns, or achievements in a way that brings about interest or sympathy in the reader or viewer.

Just a Cloud Away Inc.™ Journal serves our community by acting as the voice (may be anonymous) to educate on the various problems, issues, healing journey or miracles experienced during or after a loss. We are the human interest publication to report your news.

Reality TV is so focused on the stupidity of actions, drama of the irrelevant or lives of the celebrities. Where are the programs to help us through the difficult times, the moments that change our lives forever, or our new paths without loved ones?


Talk shows may report or mention current issues and Doctor Phil may address one problem per show, but is this enough to make a difference, in our lives?

Read local stories of our community and how you can reach out and help. Monthly publications are free and throughout Greensboro and surrounding towns. We address all loss, loved ones, pregnancy or infants and even beloved pets.

Advertisers and those wanting to purchase a remembrance/tribute/ or sympathy gift ad are greatly appreciated and make this publication possible.


Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal

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