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4 of the top ten coastal waters with a high number of shark attacks were: North Carolina, South Carolina, California and Florida. This information was provided by a national television show and placed a bit of fear in me.

I am sure many of us within the Piedmont Triad Area travel to the beaches each summer to swim in our beautiful ocean. Just a few points to be aware of while vacationing.

What really scared me was the fact that sharks can swim in such shallow water, the same depth my 5-year-old son and I swim in. There were 3 known species of sharks attacking humans: great white, bullnose and tiger. Not that we really care what species will harm us. Things to keep in mind:

  • Do not wear jewelry in the water. When the sun is reflecting off of your accessories, sharks may confuse with the scales of a fish
  • Do not swim at dusk or dawn. This is the prime feeding times
  • If you see a shark, do not splash around. They think this is the movement of a school of fish to attack
  • Women-sharks know when there is blood in the water. If it is that time of month think about staying close to the shore
  • Do not punch a shark in the nose-this is a myth and will agitate it further
  • Wet suits are seen as seals, the ideal prey for sharks
  • If a shark bites  you, it is usually a test bite and most likely they will move away. If you are bitten, calmly start swimming to the shore. Blood cannot clot in the water.

If you have more preventative information regarding sharks, please feel free to comment.

Warm Wishes,

Diana Gardner-Williams

Publisher-Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal


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