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The first “Quilt of Remembrance” for Just a Cloud Away, Inc. ™ Journal has been created. We thank all those who have contributed and supported the publication by remembering or honoring a loved one. The paper addresses human interest stories regarding love, loss, healing, hope, grief and memorials.

Many people upon the quilt are from places other than North Carolinians and will be mailed to family and friends wanting copies.

Angelversaries can also be acknowledged for bereaved parents of pregnancy loss. Miscarriages, stillbirths and babies who have passed of SIDS are very much-loved and remembered.

As a kind gesture, businesses can remember an employees loved one or a beloved pet.

The purchase of a quilt square can also be given as a sympathy gift.

The Quilt of Remembrance will be printed within each monthly issue. Please support your paper by remembering a special person who has touched your life.

Please contact us regarding potential stories, click here.

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Some bereaved individuals find journaling a silent outlet for expressing emotions or feelings about the loss of a loved one, pregnancy or pet easier than face to face. Journaling can prove therapeutic because  inner most thoughts are manifested on paper and kept secret.

Another way to journal if you have difficulty using words, is recording a sky journal. A camera, journal and adhesive is all you need to start.

Many grieving families are drawn to nature in the healing process, which also includes the beautiful skyscapes.

Photographs of the sky can be taken on yearly angelversaries, a loved ones death date, birth date, holidays or just on the day a spiritual connection is felt.

The beautiful pictures can be adhered into a special memorial keepsake journal and updated when the time is right.

If one of your hobbies is scrapbooking, try creating pages within your scrapbooks for your sky photography. In this way, your loved one is always included while updating your family pages.

Another option is to frame your sky photography.

With early miscarriages bereaved families are left with little to no tangible memorial keepsakes. Think about starting a sky journal in your healing process. Journaling is a wonderful activity and when combined with photography, may help in healing a broken heart.

If you have pictures from your sky journals and are comfortable sharing, please send to diana(@)justacloudaway.com and I will gladly post them.

Peace Love and Hugs


Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal

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Give the Gift of “Love Memorials™” to Grieving Families.

 “Love Memorials™” are very personalized sympathy gifts given to comfort a person or family grieving the loss of a loved one. This gift comes straight from the heart without the possibility of duplication. A “Love Memorial™” can be sent immediately after the death, on death anniversaries, angelversaries, birthdays, the season, approximate pregnancy due dates or holidays. There is no timeline for a gift honoring a life.

 At least three people are involved in the creation of a “Love Memorial™”; the person grieving, the deceased person or pet and you. There are no rules to compose a “Love Memorial™”, only the depth of thought for its conception. When you take the time to understand the relationship of the bereaved individual and loved one passed, a precious and unique keepsake can be composed.

“Love Memorials™” can be a simple handmade card, remembrance ribbons , poems , journal entries, or scrapbook pages. Other forms of “Love Memorials™” are virtual memorials, memory gardens and drawings.

 A handmade card is a wonderful and considerate way to send a heartfelt “Love Memorial™”. The card located above was created for a couple who lost their daughter Abby at 22 weeks gestation due to miscarriage. The photograph of a golden sunrise, the yellow butterfly and lemony cloud the angel is resting on, symbolizes the gemstone citrine. Abby’s approximate due date was December second. Providing this kind of information is helpful when creating a card reflecting the color of her gemstone.

 If you have a talent for writing, compose a “Love Memorial™” in the form of a letter or poem. This type of gift would be highly treasured because of the amount of thought required for its creation. My girlfriend created a “Love Memorial™” for us after the stillbirth of our son Tanner. The poem is called, If he could tell you…” and was read at our Memory Garden Dedication for Tanner. My girlfriend was also a new mother of a 3 month old when she composed this comforting poem that touched my heart. Her words also reflected a very real pain for her too.

 If you are creative and have either an organic or symmetrical style, try designing a “Love Memorial™” in the form of scrapbook pages . This “Love Memorial™” created from your perspective could comfort bereaved families while providing a memorial keepsake reflecting hope. My sister-in-law created a beautiful “Love Memorial™” for us honoring little Tanner. One could even create scrapbook pages from the perspective of child in heaven, reassuring the bereaved that they are doing just fine and love them deeply.

 Virtual memorials are another way to express your support for bereaved families. By working through the logistics and set up of an online memorial, unnecessary stress for grieving family members are alleviated. These “Love Memorials™” allow you to write short stories, poems or anything else about the deceased or those grieving the loss. Memorials can be personalized by background colors, music, and significant photos, making this online tribute unique.

Remembrance Videos are another option to create a unique memorial. Families usually have the video playing during the wake and funeral meals. This beautiful tribute will be treasured by hurting families.

 Typical sympathy gifts usually involve you and the individual grieving the loss, such as a sympathy card. Sending such gifts would be fine if it is distressing or uncomfortable to send a “Love Memorial™”. After some time passes, ideas and thoughts may be discovered helping to compose a “Love Memorial™” for your bereaved friend or family member. These types of sympathy gifts will be truly cherished because you haven taken time to think about their special relationship and the undying love within their hearts.

Peace Love and Hugs


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