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We had an informational workshop at Terragen Nurseries one Saturday morning. Stephie brought some of her birds. They were on special harnesses  allowing for outdoor walks.

Melanie of Chadwick Insurance Group explained information regarding lower insurance premiums.

Janet Nestor took us on a meditative walk around the water gardens and greenhouse. She also gave away a copy of her new book “Pathways to Wholeness”. How is your emotional health?

A quick breathing technique was also shared.

I talked about the importance of plants in the healing realm. This is truly a learning experience for me as well.  Even weeds in our own gardens can be dried and consumed as tea to prevent such conditions as:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Alzheimer’s

We hope to have more of these workshops in the future.

Please contact me at Diana (@) justacloudaway.com for workshop alerts.

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Do you know your health insurance agent and would you feel comfortable calling him/her to inquire about your changing needs or existing policy questions?

Melody Anderson of Chadwick Insurance Group is one phone call away to answer your major medical insurance questions. She helps her clients in the Piedmont Triad Area  understand their insurance policies and unique situations to select the appropriate coverage. For years Melody has been assisting people looking for affordable options, such as;  major medical insurance (individual or group), life insurance and medicare (65 years and older or disabled).

Major Medical Insurance-individuals or families looking for the best coverage for their budget. Sometimes a spouses group insurance plan is not necessarily the best option.

Group Health Insurance-your existing broker may not  be searching for the best options.

Medicare-people 65 and older or disabled can receive medicare. If you are a medicare beneficiary, do you know how the new reform will affect your benefits? Are you paying too much for your supplement? A seasoned medicare specialist can provide the answers to these questions.

Life Insurance-don’t let these decision overwhelm you. Allow an agent to walk through the process with you and your loved ones. One question to ask yourself, “How would my family manage if I were to die suddenly?” Life insurance would ensure financial security. We will all pass, but would we be prepared?

 The benefits of having a health insurance broker

  • They return phone calls within 24 hours
  • They can guide you through claims, changes in price, adding dependants and health care reform issues
  • They are your personal customer care agent for life
  • Your phone calls are not forwarded to another representative and there are no automated recordings requiring pressing 1, 2 or 3.

Melody Anderson will be present at the Medicinal Plants and Holistic Healing Workshop at Terragen Nurseries June 26th to answer any questions regarding options for your needs and your budget.

Give Melody a call for a quick consultation, 336.707.9308 and it won’t cost a dime.

Thank you for your support with Just a Cloud Away, Inc™ Journal 


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Does your health insurance customer service agent put you on hold, knows nothing about you personally and employed by the insurance company and not you? There is a solution addressing these issues.

Melody Anderson of Chadwick Insurance Group, LLC. works for the client to ensure a custom solution for your needs and the needs of your family. In the time of a family crisis, Melody can make the necessary claim phone calls, act as your sounding board without having to press through an automated system and also available to answer questions from Monday through Saturday, 8am until 8pm.

Melody Anderson is focusing on helping families and individuals of the Piedmont Triad Area and surrounding communities. “There is no mold for your coverage, it is based on your unique needs and situations”, states Melody. She commented on how larger companies are not personally tied to you and are not working for you, but for the insurance company itself. Melody is an insurance broker and is looking out for your best interest because you are her client.

The process of working with Melody is easy and initial consultations are free. It is possible to be approved within 24 hours of meeting with Melody. She can travel to your home or another destination where you feel most comfortable while she presents various options for you. Melody will keep you updated through the acceptance process.

Melody Anderson is a mother of 4 children, 1 grandchild and married to Todd Anderson. She is active in her church and networking groups within the Piedmont Triad Area.

Melody has a special place in her heart for animals and has rescued 2 dogs. She also cares for her husband’s elderly parent. Melody also knows the pain and work involved in the grieving process after the loss of both parents, dear friends and pets. “Don’t shut out the support of family and friends”, says Melody. She found comfort in the words and actions from the people who love her.

Thank you for this helpful information and providing additional health insurance options for our community.

Peace Love and Hugs


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