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7-year-old Zachary and his family have been through some tough times and still walking on ice. Sweet little Zachary was born 6 pounds and 3 ounces on December 17, 2003. Just a perfect baby, they thought. 2 weeks later their child went into kidney failure.

More information about Zachary’s story is found on his website

One would not know to look at him that he is not the healthy boy living next door to you.

The family is asking for help.

If you would like to be Zachary Elsenpeter’s HERO and get tested to see if you are a match…PLEASE CALL… If you would like to get tested to see if you could be Zachary’s HERO !! Please call,

(Local, Transplant line) 612-672-7270

(Long distance, Transplant line) 1-800-328-5465

(Local Fairview On Call line) 612-672-7272

(Long distance, Fairview On Call line) 1-800-824-1953

Call donor lines if there is difficulty getting through on transplant line.

Zachary is A+ If you are A+ A- O+ O- and are in good health, under age 60 with good Blood pressures and no Diabetes you could be Zachary’s HERO!!!! Let them Know it is for Zachary Elsenpeter.

Many people don’t realize that over 93,000 people are on a list waiting for a kidney and over 93,000 people are waiting for that one phone call that could save their life.
17 people die every day that didn’t get that call, that they fought so hard to wait for.
Zachary went into Acute, chronic and antibody rejection in October 2009, and his Kidney is failing . Zachary is one of the those people waiting for that call. Zachary’s mommy does not want to be one of the 17 families that didn’t get that call. So please make sure you check the box on your driver’s license or let your loved ones know that you want to be an Organ Donor. Register with  your state.

We are praying for you Sweet Zachary, someone will be a match.

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