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A new resource for women suffering from medical conditions such as, chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, lupus, thyroid problems, breast cancer, stress had their grand opening to the public January 14, 2011. Undetectable wigs are even suitable for hair loss from genetics and certain medications such as Wellbutrin, with the complete list from WebMD found here. Gastric bypass surgery can also be a factor in the loss of hair, but with a healthy diet, can be minimized. Health coaches are also very beneficial to keep you on track.

The opening was sponsored by Just a Cloud Away, Inc. ™Journal and many other resources were present offering their support, products and services.

Much of the conversation took place in the Serenity Garden designed by DianaDigsDirt.

Residential Serenity Gardens are also designed to engage the senses

Melody Anderson of Chadwick Insurance Group-offers the health insurance to meet  your needs and your budget.

Create a Cake Catering dropped off some yummy cookies and in March, will be hosting

 The Location is Emerald Event Center, click here for info

Pamela Thomas of NY Life- investing in life insurance is well spent dollars,  five investment options to avoid recommends Dave Ramsey.

XoCai Chocolate was another treat

Christiana Dyson of Mary Kay Cosmetics (host a party and %10 is dedicated to Breast Cancer Research). Chanel Lace Hair Gallery will provide space at shop if needed.

Angela Howard, Health Coach of Take Shape for Life offers guidance for women regarding a healthy diet and increased quality of living.

Local author, Janet Nestor signed books during the opening.

Katie, owner of The Clean G, offering cleaning products, air deodorizers and room spritzers, non-toxic, safe and organic.

B-Skinney Coffee gave out samples of a low-glycemic delicious cup of joe.

Janet Nestor treated us to complementary energy work sessions and they were greatly appreciated.

Janet has a gift of connecting with deceased family members through her energy work, more info here.

Thank all of you for your time and especially Sharon Ellis-Wiley of Chanel Lace Hair Gallery. Stop in to say hello.

Sharon has set up a small fund women who cannot afford a wig. Make a donation by purchasing a ribbon and write a brief note or your name on a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon and hang on tree in the Serenity Garden


Gorgeous flowers donated by Harris Teeter

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Could gifts be received after the loss of loved one, pet or pregnancy? Donna Burick, a local Greensboro Life Coach and Energy Therapist believes her gift of helping people developed after loosing a baby and her Mother.

Donna practices in Greensboro, North Carolina helping children, parents and individuals find meaning and balance after a loss.  She believes pain, illness, mental stress, relationship problems, frustrations, angers, depression, fatigue, and fogginess are all related. Her unique blend of Holistic Coaching and Energy Therapy moves clients to a place of good health and happiness. This healing method focuses on releasing your energetic blocks, re-aligning your mind, body & spirit and harmonizing you to your inner and outer environments.

The charts in her office illustrate how our body and organs are a direct reflection of what we are feeling.

Donna stated our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being need a healthy balance to move through a crisis.

Donna strives to clear minds, energize the body and renew the spirits of those hurting from loss.

Donna’s primary modality is the non-invasive BodyTalk System, effectively working on humans and animals. Donna can also infuse Reiki, Vial Therapy, Qigong, Breath Work, Intentional Cuisine, Mindful Meditation and Flower Essences into sessions. The healing sessions are a custom blend of modalities designed to create fast and effective shifts in her client’s well-being.

I enjoyed our meeting together and know that your services will offer the community another resource for healing hearts and living happier. Donna Burick’s Website. Let her help you find your gift.

Peace Love and Hugs


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