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Workshop for Families-Creating Love Memorials™ in Greensboro, N.C.

Are pictures sitting in a box with journals, recipes, or other handwritten memorabilia of loved ones passed? Bring your keepsakes to create beautiful works of art with your own hands, where no experience is necessary and all supplies are complementary.

 Just a Cloud Away, Inc. ™ Journal and other local organizations are sponsoring the first Creating Love Memorials™ Workshop for families. Feel free to bring any 2 dimensional papers, fabric or tags to incorporate, whether from a loved one or beloved pet. Professionals will be on site in the craft area to assist children in creating paper keepsakes.

Adults will have the opportunity to design an awareness ribbon for the cause of their choice. Below is a ribbon for a Grandmother with Alzheimer’s Disease.

A Love Memorial™ is a keepsake or sympathy gift, going beyond the typical cards, flowers or food. It is a thoughtful creation showing compassion for each specific situation. Many samples will be provided, including; pressed flowers, metal, jewelry, scrapbooking, woodwork, decoupage, gardens, stone, glass, photography and photo montages. Community resources will provide literature on babysitting classes, support forums, alternative funeral options and more. Also joining us are local animal rescue groups with adoptable pets. Our fire and police departments will share safety tips.  After school food and beverages will be served. Energy work sessions will be offered, and music performed by Jennifer Cockman during the workshop.

Thursday September 23rd

2000 East Wendover Ave. from 3-6pm

 Bring and share your own memorial keepsakes. These may be an inspiration to someone else.

Come and meet our resources (click for more information)

More resources include

  • Ameriprise Financial- planning for the future
  • Colonial Life- employee benefits counselor
  • New York Life- life insurance protecting families
  • GDR Credit Solutions- affordable help for those in need of improving credit scores

It is never too late to remember……………..

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Do you know your health insurance agent and would you feel comfortable calling him/her to inquire about your changing needs or existing policy questions?

Melody Anderson of Chadwick Insurance Group is one phone call away to answer your major medical insurance questions. She helps her clients in the Piedmont Triad Area  understand their insurance policies and unique situations to select the appropriate coverage. For years Melody has been assisting people looking for affordable options, such as;  major medical insurance (individual or group), life insurance and medicare (65 years and older or disabled).

Major Medical Insurance-individuals or families looking for the best coverage for their budget. Sometimes a spouses group insurance plan is not necessarily the best option.

Group Health Insurance-your existing broker may not  be searching for the best options.

Medicare-people 65 and older or disabled can receive medicare. If you are a medicare beneficiary, do you know how the new reform will affect your benefits? Are you paying too much for your supplement? A seasoned medicare specialist can provide the answers to these questions.

Life Insurance-don’t let these decision overwhelm you. Allow an agent to walk through the process with you and your loved ones. One question to ask yourself, “How would my family manage if I were to die suddenly?” Life insurance would ensure financial security. We will all pass, but would we be prepared?

 The benefits of having a health insurance broker

  • They return phone calls within 24 hours
  • They can guide you through claims, changes in price, adding dependants and health care reform issues
  • They are your personal customer care agent for life
  • Your phone calls are not forwarded to another representative and there are no automated recordings requiring pressing 1, 2 or 3.

Melody Anderson will be present at the Medicinal Plants and Holistic Healing Workshop at Terragen Nurseries June 26th to answer any questions regarding options for your needs and your budget.

Give Melody a call for a quick consultation, 336.707.9308 and it won’t cost a dime.

Thank you for your support with Just a Cloud Away, Inc™ Journal 


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Our first healthy home party was February 27th on Wildflower Walk. The purpose was to introduce locally distributed products and services dealing with improving quality of life and health.

Melody Anderson of Chadwick Insurance, LLC shared with us the benefit of utilizing an insurance broker. Individual coverage could be more affordable than group coverage in some circumstances.  Melody states she could provide a major difference in your major medical insurance. She works within the piedmont triad area and offers free telephone consultations.

Melody Anderson is also a sponsor of Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal

Another vender was a Weight Watcher consultant/leader, Carrie Williams. She can speak from experience 50 pounds lighter. Weight Watchers is a change in your eating habits and also a change for a healthier and possibly longer future. Every week she teaches at various establishments on how to slowly make permanent changes within lifestyles to achieve the ultimate goal, improved health and maintain appropriate weight. She passed out delicious treats only 1 point each.

Another vendor was Andrea MacDiarmid of Boresha Coffee. B-Skinny™ is a thermogenic fat-burning coffee. 100% Organic Fair Trade AA Arabic Coffee with buffered caffeine and patented hunger suppressant. It is easy to use in a drip coffee maker and delicious taste. 

Dr Fan Lu introduced AlgaBerry™ a fruit from the heavens. This tasteless berry should be taken as a supplement added to cereal, oatmeal, juices or foods.

AlgaBerry™ is also available in powder form.

The AlgaBerry™ is cultivated in water providing calcium, iron, protein and polysaccharides. The research of the Algaberry™ is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is available year-round

Thank you vendors for providing us with great products and services for the Greensboro and surrounding areas.


Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal

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 The brightly colored plastic flowers adorning styrofoam crosses always catch my eye when I’m driving. I never thought twice about them, well maybe that the choice of flower color used were always so vibrant and bold, colors I would never use. That all changed when I saw a mother picking up the cross.

 Driving to Saint PiusX for a ministry conference today and what a beautiful day. I drive the same route into town because it’s the fastest. This particular highway has 2 lanes coming and going with a large grassy median 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. A car was pulled over on the other side and a woman was in the ditch picking up a cross that had blown over. My insensitivity to the site of roadside memorial gardens  has come to an end. 

I have never seen a mother caring for her child’s roadside memorial garden. I did not understand the connection between a mother, a child and her attempt to let the world know about her child.

The cars kept driving by and no one stopped to help her on this windy day, including myself. It took awhile for this to settle in my brain and fully process this information. I was emotional 5 minutes later and thought how sad, her child has died. She has to travel a similar road like we do. Most of the roadside memorial gardens are for younger persons I imagine.

Then I thought about Eric and how he died on the side of the road too. My friend of many years fell asleep at the wheel one night and drove off a 25 foot embankment into a creek. It was cold and rainy. No one found him until 3 days later. They said he didn’t suffer and I still believe that. I brought a wreath and placed it on a phone pole along with many other gifts. I have participated in roadside memorial gardens, yet I became desensitized over the years.

Seeing that mother struggling in the ditch to stand her child’s cross upright in the soil makes it real for me again. I will pull over to fix a mothers’ memorial garden for her child because I know that she would do it for me.

 Keep placing the bright and bold flowers so we can honor your child and pray that you find peace.

Peace Love and Hugs


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