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Support is available for bereaved families of pregnancy and infant loss in the Piedmont Triad Area. Heartstrings  is our local non-profit working with families who have lost a pregnancy or baby from conception to one year of age. This is done through a variety of supports designed to help them grieve, mourn, and begin to reconcile themselves to the death of their baby as well as cope with the emotions of a subsequent pregnancy.

The 6th Annual “Walk to Remember” of 2010 was held at Triad Park in Kernersville, NC. Families come to remember their children who briefly came into their lives and forever in their hearts.

The morning was beautiful and perfect for remembering angels.

T-Shirts were provided for the walkers.

Tammy Councilman is our local photographer representing the non-profit, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

Handmade Quilt by families of the babies passed.

The children are missed and remembered.

Every year symbolic ornaments are presented to the parents, which are then hung on a tree while the baby names are read.

This year, a butterfly.

Many sponsors provide refreshments, signs and donations.

Many people walk the 1 mile track to honor babies and their families.

To help those comforting bereaved parents of pregnancy and infant loss, please take a few minutes to answer a few questions to be published within Just a Cloud Away, Inc. Journal. It is only by sharing our experiences, will others know how to comfort those walking in different shoes. We thank you for your time.

Journals are published online at, Read Journals Online.

Peace Love and Hugs from Above

Diana Gardner-Williams  publisher

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Workshop for Families-Creating Love Memorials™ in Greensboro, N.C.

Are pictures sitting in a box with journals, recipes, or other handwritten memorabilia of loved ones passed? Bring your keepsakes to create beautiful works of art with your own hands, where no experience is necessary and all supplies are complementary.

 Just a Cloud Away, Inc. ™ Journal and other local organizations are sponsoring the first Creating Love Memorials™ Workshop for families. Feel free to bring any 2 dimensional papers, fabric or tags to incorporate, whether from a loved one or beloved pet. Professionals will be on site in the craft area to assist children in creating paper keepsakes.

Adults will have the opportunity to design an awareness ribbon for the cause of their choice. Below is a ribbon for a Grandmother with Alzheimer’s Disease.

A Love Memorial™ is a keepsake or sympathy gift, going beyond the typical cards, flowers or food. It is a thoughtful creation showing compassion for each specific situation. Many samples will be provided, including; pressed flowers, metal, jewelry, scrapbooking, woodwork, decoupage, gardens, stone, glass, photography and photo montages. Community resources will provide literature on babysitting classes, support forums, alternative funeral options and more. Also joining us are local animal rescue groups with adoptable pets. Our fire and police departments will share safety tips.  After school food and beverages will be served. Energy work sessions will be offered, and music performed by Jennifer Cockman during the workshop.

Thursday September 23rd

2000 East Wendover Ave. from 3-6pm

 Bring and share your own memorial keepsakes. These may be an inspiration to someone else.

Come and meet our resources (click for more information)

More resources include

  • Ameriprise Financial- planning for the future
  • Colonial Life- employee benefits counselor
  • New York Life- life insurance protecting families
  • GDR Credit Solutions- affordable help for those in need of improving credit scores

It is never too late to remember……………..

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Mothers Day is typically a joyous time where mothers are treated like queens by their children. What happens on this day when the children are deceased?

Mothers Day is different for some families.

What could have been, is not.

There are numerous books regarding pregnancy and infant loss from all perspectives. Unfortunately, most people reading them are only those directly affected. If others took some time to look over these resources, when or if a tragic event occurs, they may be the shoulder of comfort for the bereaved parents.

Definition of a mother: a female person, whose egg unites with a sperm, resulting in the conception of a child. Mothers Day is arduous for women who have lost their babies due to society’s view for a day of happiness and appreciation. Many women forego church due to the sadness of not having their child present and unsure whether to stand while being recognized by members. Mothers long for acknowledgement, even if in private.

Tracey Holyfield, founder of Heartstrings, suggests sending a thinking of you email, card, or phone call, recognizing her and her baby. Making donations to Heartstrings, Haven of Hope and Healing or March of Dimes in the child’s memory is another kind gesture.

Tracey purchased stackable rings for her deceased twins and other living children on her first mother’s day. Surviving the first year is twice as difficult because while mothers are grieving, communicating needs to family and friends is also necessary and exhausting.

It is a testimony of love by the numbers of families attending yearly pregnancy and infant loss events each year to remember the babies who briefly stayed.

Bereaved parents are able to compose a quilt square in remembrance of their children.

Some bereaved families will plan the day and exchange ideas with a spouse beforehand. This process may alleviate tension on an emotional day where feelings are easily hurt. Even if living children are present, the family is incomplete and mourning the baby.

Please think about all Mothers on Mothers Day

Peace Love and Hugs


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If this subject doesn’t affect you, you are blessed. If a friend or family member looses a baby and you are aware of supportive resources, you may be their angel when most needed. No one ever dreams of loosing a baby, however, 1 out of 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and 26,000 stillbirths occur in the USA every year.

If the parents have not named the baby, you may want to suggest thinking about this. Even if the loss was an early miscarriage, naming the baby will give them an identity and validation.

What do I do to help a friend who has lost a baby regarding the funeral or memorial service?

If you have not lost a child yourself, it may be very difficult to find the words to comfort them. There is a list found here to help  support your friend. Another list is available regarding, what not to say to bereaved parents.

Some funeral homes offer free memorial service for stillborn babies and give discounts for a funeral. Help them by making these necessary phones calls.

When the parents of the deceased baby have decided to have a funeral or memorial service, they may need additional help from you with the logistics. It is important to involve both parents as much as possible in the decision making. Even though this is a very sad time, this event will be remembered for a lifetime.

Areas of the funeral:

  • Notifying people of the service
  • Location
  • Music
  • Readings, Poems or Stories
  • If a priest or pastor will be present
  • Does the baby need to be baptised
  • Cremation or Burial (small caskets for later miscarried babies are available at Heaven’s Gain)
  • Burial Clothes
  • Container or urn for ashes
  • Headstone or marker
  • Obituary in paper
  • Would the family like flowers or encourage donations
  • Helping to assemble the altar with keepsakes and other memorabilia
  • Contacting Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep if  parents want professional pictures of the funeral and baby after declining at the hospital
  • Choosing an outfit for the baby
  • Donating organs

Remember that the scents of the season, colors, music on the radio, the landscape, the ambiance of the month will all attribute to the memories etched into the minds of the  parents, later triggering thoughts of  their baby.

Usually about the time of the service or funeral (2-5 days after the baby’s death) the mother’s milk will come in if she was further along in the pregnancy. The milk can be donated to save another child’s life. The program is The Breast Milk Project.

Wedding gowns can be donated to the Mary Madeline Project or Heavenly Angels in Need  to make burial gowns for babies that have died. Sewers are also in great need.

Some of the smallest burial gowns were made for 18-22 week old babies.

Here is the Triad, Busy Bee Crafters, a non-profit, volunteer their time sewing, knitting and crocheting. This group, led by Sandra Vernon and has been in place for over 20 years. Some of the garments created are: bereavement pocket or bereavement dress and blanket, and prayer shawls in pastel colors. 

These are some of the logistics family and friends can help organize for the bereaved parents of pregnancy loss or infant death. Having this knowledge could someday be the gift providing a grieving family direction and assistance in a time of devastating grief.

Please feel free to leave additional suggestions and comments.

Peace Love and Hugs


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Could gifts be received after the loss of loved one, pet or pregnancy? Donna Burick, a local Greensboro Life Coach and Energy Therapist believes her gift of helping people developed after loosing a baby and her Mother.

Donna practices in Greensboro, North Carolina helping children, parents and individuals find meaning and balance after a loss.  She believes pain, illness, mental stress, relationship problems, frustrations, angers, depression, fatigue, and fogginess are all related. Her unique blend of Holistic Coaching and Energy Therapy moves clients to a place of good health and happiness. This healing method focuses on releasing your energetic blocks, re-aligning your mind, body & spirit and harmonizing you to your inner and outer environments.

The charts in her office illustrate how our body and organs are a direct reflection of what we are feeling.

Donna stated our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being need a healthy balance to move through a crisis.

Donna strives to clear minds, energize the body and renew the spirits of those hurting from loss.

Donna’s primary modality is the non-invasive BodyTalk System, effectively working on humans and animals. Donna can also infuse Reiki, Vial Therapy, Qigong, Breath Work, Intentional Cuisine, Mindful Meditation and Flower Essences into sessions. The healing sessions are a custom blend of modalities designed to create fast and effective shifts in her client’s well-being.

I enjoyed our meeting together and know that your services will offer the community another resource for healing hearts and living happier. Donna Burick’s Website. Let her help you find your gift.

Peace Love and Hugs


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Larry W. Pearman, Attorney and Counselor at Law sat down with me to explain the importance of legal paperwork before a family crisis or tragedy. Many people avoid this and will find out the hard way that having a lawyer’s guidance is crucial for protecting you, your family and the assets you worked very hard to attain. In other words, Larry will ensure your financial security.

Larry Pearman works with the Piedmont Triad community providing:

When a parent dies a will was previously drawn up, the family and siblings can focus on supporting one another during the grieving period while property and other financial matters have already been legally documented. This may  alleviate additional stress when emotions are unstable. In other cultures when a parent dies, the property is automatically handed to their children, this is not the rule in the United States of America.

Wills, Power of Attorney and Living Wills may start anywhere from $150-$500, which is not expensive compared to what you will pay lawyers without one when the time comes.

Larry has driven to a clients home dying of cancer to draw up a will, saving his family $70,000. Larry Pearman listens to all needs and concerns of his clients before he offers his expert advice. This comes from over 30 years of experience.

Larry Pearman also has expertise with North Carolina adoptions and will assist those wanting to expand their families. Mr. Pearman will work with adoption agencies, pregnant women, foster parents, married couples and individuals living in North Carolina.

Larry Pearman is a native of Greensboro, NC, husband for 39 years, father to one son, and grandfather of 2. Mr. Pearman loves to spend time with his grandchildren, golf, and travel. He is a member of the Kiwanis Club and Lawndale Baptist Church where he plays softball and referees the upward basketball and football team. Larry is also an avid Tarheel fan.

Unfortunately, death reveals the worst and the best in families. Larry helps create the environment for the latter after a family crisis or tragedy. Thank you for your time Larry.

Peace Love and Hugs


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It is very painful to lose a child and unfortunately many parents know of this grief. Patti and Kyle Petty took their grief from loosing their son Adam and directed it towards building Adam’s dream, Victory Junction. This energy was the passion and focus of erecting a facility for children with chronic medical or serious illnesses. After participating in a charity motorcycle ride benefitting Camp Boggy Creek for seriously ill children, Adam was inspired to build a similar facility in North Carolina.

Not every parent who looses a child can honor a son or daughter as the Petty family did, but every parent has the ability to create a unique tribute honoring a life cut short.

Victory Junction not only honors Adam, but other children like Jesse. A good friend of Adam’s sister passed and another facility was erected in her memory, Jesse’s Horsepower Garage.

Victory Junction is a beautiful camp with many amenities for the children and the volunteers.

One would never know the camp caters to chronic and terminally ill children because of the diverse amenities.

The treehouse is like no other.

The children can fish off of the pier with the motto, “Catch, Kiss and Release.”

There are numerous buildings, all containing a different activity for the children to enjoy.

When you see a weeping cherry tree (above), Adam has met another child who was able to experience Victory Junction before passing. Since 2004, 12,000 children played in the park and 12 campers are now playing with Adam.

The spiritual center is serene, peaceful and non-denominational.

Many parents will return as volunteers and visit the center to reflect upon the memories of their children.

This is a wonderful tribute for a son so loved.

View video of Adam and Victory Junction

Start the volunteering process now

They have a wish list

Host an event as a fundraiser for Victory Junction

If you sew, click here

Victory Junction, 4500 Adam’s Way, Randleman, NC 27317

Thank you for the tour Erin and thank you Petty Family.

Peace Love and Hugs


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