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I had the pleasure of meeting Anna and William Heroy of Old Photo Specialists while delivering Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journals in Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. The shop is absolutely beautiful and nostalgic with photos, each with a story gracing their walls.

 As a surprise, William offered to create a forever photograph of our stillborn son. My husband and I often replace Tanner’s photograph in his memory garden due to fading from the sun.

Many people are unaware of the product William offers in his studio. The photographs are reproduced on archival material resistant to fading and water. The photos can even be displayed without inserting into a glass frame. They would make a wonderful sympathy gift.

One of the 12 photographs we have of our little angel is so precious, I choose this one for William to work with. He did not re-touch Tanner’s picture, but now we will always have this picture and never have to reproduce it again.

William also printed a short poem found in Tanner’s scrapbook pages.

Pictures like this are priceless, thank you William.

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Some bereaved individuals find journaling a silent outlet for expressing emotions or feelings about the loss of a loved one, pregnancy or pet easier than face to face. Journaling can prove therapeutic because  inner most thoughts are manifested on paper and kept secret.

Another way to journal if you have difficulty using words, is recording a sky journal. A camera, journal and adhesive is all you need to start.

Many grieving families are drawn to nature in the healing process, which also includes the beautiful skyscapes.

Photographs of the sky can be taken on yearly angelversaries, a loved ones death date, birth date, holidays or just on the day a spiritual connection is felt.

The beautiful pictures can be adhered into a special memorial keepsake journal and updated when the time is right.

If one of your hobbies is scrapbooking, try creating pages within your scrapbooks for your sky photography. In this way, your loved one is always included while updating your family pages.

Another option is to frame your sky photography.

With early miscarriages bereaved families are left with little to no tangible memorial keepsakes. Think about starting a sky journal in your healing process. Journaling is a wonderful activity and when combined with photography, may help in healing a broken heart.

If you have pictures from your sky journals and are comfortable sharing, please send to diana(@)justacloudaway.com and I will gladly post them.

Peace Love and Hugs


Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal

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