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We had an informational workshop at Terragen Nurseries one Saturday morning. Stephie brought some of her birds. They were on special harnesses  allowing for outdoor walks.

Melanie of Chadwick Insurance Group explained information regarding lower insurance premiums.

Janet Nestor took us on a meditative walk around the water gardens and greenhouse. She also gave away a copy of her new book “Pathways to Wholeness”. How is your emotional health?

A quick breathing technique was also shared.

I talked about the importance of plants in the healing realm. This is truly a learning experience for me as well.  Even weeds in our own gardens can be dried and consumed as tea to prevent such conditions as:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Alzheimer’s

We hope to have more of these workshops in the future.

Please contact me at Diana (@) justacloudaway.com for workshop alerts.

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If you are an animal lover, but do not have the space for a 4 legged one, how about a 2 legged? Stephie’s bird shop may have just the companion you need. Joey, a 10 year old blue and gold macaw needs a home. He is a bit demanding with a superb vocabulary and does the two-step quite well.

Most of the birds in Stephie’s Exotic Bird Shop will start talking at one year of age.

Charlie is a Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo needing a home. Stephie suggests taking a class before purchasing any bird. Many are returned within the first 3 years due to lack of knowledge on how to care for them or what to expect.

Charlie bird is great with kids and dogs and often talks, telling people to “be quiet”.

In another blog Life is Good, a woman diagnosed with colon cancer found tremendous comfort in caring for birds. She is fortunately a survivor! Pet therapy has been utilized for quite some time by people grieving or going through major life transitions.

Many people find solace and a sense of calm with the meer activity of watching and listening to birds.

A baby bird

People with Alzheimers Disease may have comfort in the presence of a bird because no verbal communication is necessary.

The store offers every kind of product one could need for their pet bird. Stephie can even special order unique supplies like; shower perches (yes, they love showers), strollers (they love the great outdoors), flight suits (to catch poop), back packs and leashes.

The birds have tremendous strength with the ability to bend cages.

Maybe Precious won’t bend the chain.

Stephie provides new owners with support for their new companions. The cost of caring for a bird is comparable to that of a dog. She recommends bringing your bird to a veterinarian specializing in avian care like Stoney Creek Veterinary.

Stephie’s shop is located at 2828-D Battleground Ave. If you have a love for birds, but do not desire the responsibility of caring for one, volunteer at the shop. Volunteers need to be 18 years or older and willing to spend 1 hour handling the birds (with Stephie’s guidance). Pet birds do require at least an hour of handling a day to increase socialization, reduce noise, and keep tame.

If you are interested in handling these sweet birds, call Stephie at 288.0357. Stephie also works with Bird lady of Barton creek Avian Rescue helping birds find new homes.

Stephie and her birds will be present at a Holistic Workshop at Terragen Nurseries on Saturday June 26th. See you there!

Thank you to our newest advertiser for Just a Cloud Away, Inc. Journal


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A new exotic bird shop in Greensboro, NC 2828-D Battleground Avenue, Stephie’s Birds & Supplies has opened its doors. Wow, what a selection of exotic birds, supplies, cages, food and also support.

Some of the birds are very lovable.

Stop by for a visit with the kids and maybe one of them will whistle or talk to you.



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